Roman numerals between chapters, Arabic numerals within chapters

I'll be easier, I think, to give an example of what I want. I'd like the body of my dissertation to have this appearance:



1.1 Notation


1.2 Some Definitions



More Content

2.1 General Overview


2.2 Specific Overview



That is, I want to use  Roman numerals for the chapters, but within a chapter, I want to use Arabic. I tried using Style Editor to give me what I want, but it keeps appending the Roman numeral to the section header, like II.1, II.2, etc. What I need to do is convert the Roman numeral to Arabic within a section. How can I do that?

One other problem that I'm

One other problem that I'm having is that, after I save a new style, some of the packages become unavailable (like geometry and fancyhdr). How can I make them available in a style that I have created using Style Editor?

Style Editor styles are not

Style Editor styles are not compatible with the geometry and fancyhdr packages (and some others) so they are not available via the interface.

Are you creating a style using the Style Editor, or one of the basic LaTeX typesetting specifications?  The answer for your first question can't be offered without knowing the typesetting specification you are using.

George, I was trying to


I was trying to modify the LSU thesis in style editor, as it looks like what I need except that it uses arabic numerals for chapter numbers. This is one problem.

The second problem is that I need to create a running head, and I wanted to use the fancyhdr package to do so. But I can't add this package.

You should create a new .sty

You should create a new .sty file rather than just modifying LSUthesis.sty.  This will protect you from losing your changes if you need to reinstall for some reason.  You will also want to back up the new .sty (and .cst) file.  Use File, Save As to create the new .sty file after opening LSUthesis.sty in the Style Editor.

To modify the appearance of the chapter counter, use Parts, Division, select the chapter division, select the Counters tab and select the appropriate entry from the Appearance drop down list.

You cannot use fancyhdr with Style Editor styles.  To change the header/footer you would need to modify appropriate page layouts.  It looks like LSUthesis.sty uses the same page layout except for the title page, so you will probably need to modify page layouts for the chapter division to set one set of headers/footers for the first page of the chapter and different headers/footers for subsequent pages.

George, What I'm trying to


What I'm trying to get is Arabic numerals within sections, with the chapter number converted to an Arabic numeral when referencing sections within a chapter. So, if I'm working on Chapter I, what I need to happen is


1.1 Introduction

1.2 More Introduction

So, the first number before the decimal point needs to be the number of the chapter, but in Arabic, not Roman.

Under the "General" tab, when I specify "Head Components", the following:

chapterCount "."sectionCount Space{6mm} CurrentHeading

produces this:

Chapter I

I.1 Introduction

I.2 More Introduction


I need to convert that first number to Arabic.

I don't see where what you

I don't see where what you want was allowed by the Style Editor design.  It really doesn't make sense that a chapter be referred to with Roman numerals in one spot and then, even on the same page, referred to with Arabic numberals.

This would be fairly straightforward with one of the standard LaTeX classes where you can completely define the section numbering independently from the chapter numbering.  The design of the Style Editor doesn't have this flexibility.

For example, adding the following two lines to the preamble of a document created with the Standard LaTeX Book shell would do what you are asking: