Space below a graphic

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 Hi, im having problems with the captions of the figures im using in my thesis, the problem is that i don't know how to modify the space between the caption text and the figure, because the space is pretty much, i want to reduce it, how can i do it?, my figures are inline not floating. Any suggestion would be really appreciated. Another question would be how to justify or center the caption of the figure when the figure is inline not floating?.


The caption text should be

The caption text should be appearing on what would be the next typeset line after the graphics image.  If you have a lot of blank space inside the graphics, then this might make the caption appear to be too far away from the graphics.  Try turning on the frame to see how the caption text is positioned relative to the size of the graphics.

There won't be an easy way to change this spacing.  The mechanism is handled differently depending on if you are saving for SWP/SW/SN file type or Portable LaTeX.  You could add vertical spacing objects inside the caption text, but this is messy and not really recommended.

The caption text is centered under the graphics.  You could add \raggedright or \raggedleft to change this behavior in a TeX field at the beginning of the caption text.