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Is there something like needspace.sty for SWP?  (I tried dropping it into the .tex file's directory, added it to packages, and ran SWP, but then SWP just waited forever.)






When you say SW waited

When you say SW waited forever, this implies that you selected to compile for PDF.  The console output from pdflatex is directed to a TrueTeX Previewer window, but this window is most often behind other windows.  If there is a LaTeX error, you need to interact with the console to somehow allow the LaTeX compile to complete.  The console window also shows the error.  It's difficult to guess what happened without knowing the error.

The CTAN directory for needspace contains a .ins and .tex file (plus a README and the documentation in a PDF).  You will need to run LaTeX on the .ins file (use the TrueTeX formatter, entering in the .ins file name and ignoring the .tex filter that shows only .tex files in the open dialog).  You should then have needspace.sty that needs to be in some directory below TCITeX\TeX (to be consistent with other CTAN packages, use TCITeX\TeX\LaTeX\contrib\needspace). 

After completing the above, you can add the package to the document and then use the macros defined by the package in your document.

If you continue to have difficulty, post the error messages you are seeing.

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You need to put it in the

You need to put it in the latex tree : try


(where you create the needspace folder in the existing contrib one).