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When I paste graph images into SN Exam Builder file, they look fine - but  then print, all the images are tiny - about .5 in by .25 in.  I used to be able to print these, but not now.

SN 5.0 build 2570


I don't recall a problem in

I don't recall a problem in this area.  Post a document with your graphics and we can try to duplicate the problem and see if we can offer a suggestion.

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Did a Geometer's Sketchpad

Did a Geometer's Sketchpad drawing - copy and paste into SN - SN puts .wmf in same file

Shows fine on the screen - just won't print right.  Also tried print/pdf - small in that file also.

Everything looks fine until I go to print.

Files attached

Our firewall blocks .wmf

Our firewall blocks .wmf files, so I can't download the graphics.  Save your document as .rap and post that version which will include the graphics file referenced by the document.

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.rap file attached

.rap file attached

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 Hello, I think George will


I think George will need to look at this one. I had the same difficulty and I did not see a problem with your file. However, as the attached PDF (ImagePractice02) shows, I was able to print a correct document by simply coping your graphic and pasting it into Word. Then I copied the Word display and pasted it into SN. I think I remember having to do this type of thing from time to time but I do not know the reason.


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I tried what you suggested,

I tried what you suggested, and it worked.  The only downside is the graphic isn't quite as sharp as the original.  But in a pinch, it would work.



There does seem to be

There does seem to be something odd with the graphics.  You might see if you have a way of exporting the images from the other application to create a graphics file, and then use File, Import Picture to bring the graphics into SW.  This could change the graphics internally enough to avoid the problem. 

The freeware program IrfanView has been helpful.  You could get better results pasting into IrfanView and then saving from IrfanView and importing the results into SW.

It might take some trial and error to find the method that works best with your application and SW.

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Thanks for the info! Alan

Thanks for the info!