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 Hi everybody, i would like to know wether one can apply double  text tags to the same piece of text, i have done it, that is, to have a piece of text in typewriter mode and in large mode, i don´t remember how i did it, so then i think it is possible to apply at least to text tags to the same piece of text. If someone knows how to do it, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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 Hello, I highlight the text,


I highlight the text, including a space at the beginning and and end, and change it to, say, bold. Then I highlight the same text with no spaces at the beginning or end and change it to, say, italics.

I am sure there is a better way.


Tagging text with one tag and

Tagging text with one tag and then tagging a proper subset of that text with another tag is the fundamental method for applying two tags to the same text.  This will not work in math mode.

The attached fragment can also help.  This is an example of combining bold and italics.  Save the file bi.frg in your Frags directory.  When you insert the fragment into your document, you will see the letter B tagged as bold, italics.  To replace the B with your text, you must have invisibles turned on.  With invisibles on, you will see that there is a Zero Space on each side of the B.  Move the cursor directly after the B, before the following Zero Space, backspace to delete the B and then type your text.  This fragment will not work with invisibles off, since the cursor will always be placed after the Zero Space that trails the B.

An alternate method would be to define a new tag that does the same thing as double tagging some text.  There are several steps in adding a new text tag, so is probably useful only for long term use.  This method is discussed at 342: Add new text tags.