Chopping off the end of my file--no error message

Scientific Word is chopping off the end of one of my files. I know this because I opened up the .tex document in another program and all of my text is still there. But in Scientific Word, everything after a certain point has been chopped off.

this is a dissertation, so it's lengthy. I'm using the default Article class, and I have lots of figures. Is there some sort of maximum file size beyond which Scientific Word truncates?

File size is limited by disk

File size is limited by disk space, so it's not likely to be a maximum file size problem.

Make sure the document compiles without errors.  You can use the TrueTeX Formatter directly to compile the document to avoid SW trying to save before a compile.  If there are compile errors, correct them (using a text editor to directly modify the .tex file) and then see if SW opens the complete document.

There could still be something in the document that causes problems for SW but is valid LaTeX.  These types of problems are harder to track down.  The method described at #418: Isolating LaTeX errors (V3.x, 4.x, 5.x) can be used.  If you continue to have difficulty, you can post your document or send it to with a description of the problem you are seeing.

I think I've isolated the

I think I've isolated the problem. It appears to be due to some code that I have to generate a table. Rather than use the 4 x3 table fragment from the File->Import fragment command, I'm wanting to define a table using an encapsulated tex field, as in




Apparently, trying to define a table this way causes Scientific Word to not save anything after the table code definition. But this is very odd, since I'm able to define rotated tables in this way (using \begin{sidewaystable} and \end{sidewaystable} and the "rotating" package) with no problems. Why would defining an ordinary table be any different?

In my experience, it is more

In my experience, it is more likely the contents of the table environment, probably a tabular enviroment, that is causing the problem.  Post the entire table environment and the exact cause can probably be located.

The table environment does cause SW to try to parse the contents, but the contents of the sidewaystable environment would be entirely kept inside a TeX field and SW would not try to parse the contents.

Sorry for the late reply on

Sorry for the late reply on this, George. It turns out that what was causing a problem was the use of the % sign in one of my table headings. I think that the % sign was causing the compiler to think that I was trying to make a comment. I removed the % and everything seems to work. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.