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Dear SWP and LaTeX experts---

some of the more tex-nically experienced folks on our team are using latex itself (on OSX and linux machines), others are using SWP (on Windows machines).

now, we would like to typeset a latex version of our collaborative document with some style files and features that are not available in SWP.  Trying to talk to the non-texnical folks about installing style files (doublespace, mathastext) and other fonts (ptmx) is hopeless.

so, what we want to do is stick to the very basics of standard latex markup in the document itself, but have a style file that changes the typesetting.  for example,






Is this possible?  Can someone give me an example, please?  help appreciated.



SW does not see the contents

SW does not see the contents of package files, so it is certainly possible to add a package that takes care of differences between typesetting when using the TrueTeX system included with SW or some other TeX/LaTeX implemenation. 

I'm not sure exactly what would be needed, however.  Looking at doublespace is probably a bad example.  The doublespace package is obsolete and has been replaced by the setspace package.

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  doublespace.sty was a typo


doublespace.sty was a typo on my part.  I meant needspace.sty .

I think that SWP gives an error if it cannot see a style file that is not available to itself, and I need to avoid this error, too.  it freaks out the SWP users.  so, I need


How would I do this?




You should be able to do

You should be able to do something like:


inside your .sty file.

You can consult the LaTeX Users Guide, The LaTeX Companion, and/or local LaTeX help.