How can I change the label of figure.

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 When I working with figure and really want them to appear in my pdf file more scientific way, problem is I can't set the label of figure in suit with the section I have.

For, example:

In chapter 1, I want the label of my figures apprear respectively like: figure 1.1 then 1.2, 1.3,... instead figure 1 then figure 2,... even they are in the same chapter.

The same problem I got when working with formular and I might fix it by advanced mode in property, but it is impossible to manually change when working with figure.

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This numbering is controlled

This numbering is controlled by the typesetting specification.  Article typesetting specifications usually use a single numbering scheme through the entire document.  Book and report typesetting specifications usually use the chapter number and then a sequence number, restarting the sequence number at the beginning of each chapter.  Some (but not very many) typesetting specifications have a class option to select the numbering scheme for tables and figures.

If you are actually using an article typesetting specification (with section as the highest division level rather than chapter), then you may be able to get what you want by adding the numinsec package.

If that doesn't work, post a sample document since this question can't be answered without knowing the typsesetting specification being used.