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I do tech support for academics and one of my users has run in to a problem loading a file from a german colleague.  The error apperars when attempting to print preview or print to pdf and I think its because as style is not installed but as I'm very new to SWP I may not be looking at the right stuff. 

There's a series of 3 errors each of which point to scrart.cls not being loaded. 

How do I go about loading this folder and file?  

Windows XP, SWord 5.50 build 2953 



See #421: Using shells and

See #421: Using shells and typesetting specifications from outside sources for the steps to add a new typesetting specification for use with SW. 

The .cls file (and any other typesetting specification files that might be included) would need to be placed in some directory below TCITeX\TeX (perhaps a new directory below TCITeX\TeX\LaTeX\SWmisc).