Change the font of my thesis

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 Hi everyone, i have a problem and i don't know how to solve it, i have searched  a lot and i don't get any answer, so please any suggestion will be very appreciated.

The problem is that i have done  many pages of my thesis with the default times font, but the thing is that the font required for this work is arial. How can i change all my work to arial font?. What package do i have to add or something like that?. what step do i have to follow in order to solve this  issue?.

Thank you in advanced.

Arial is an odd default font

Arial is an odd default font for a thesis.  There isn't a corresponding Arial math font, so the math will look out of place with the body of the document.  You should try to resist this change if possible.

The way to change the default font to Arial is to use the helvet package.  You will then need to add a command to the document preamble that sets the default font to be the sans serif family rather than the default roman family.  Use Help, Search and find the PSNFSS packages topic where you will find the details in the section that talks about the helvet package.