Accent marks, diacriticals and bibtex

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Not a question - just a tip to try to save someone from the 4 hours it cost me trying to fix this problem.

The BibTeX automatic bibliography function is great. But I had a problem trying to store accent marks on author names etc. in my .bib file and have them come over properly into SWP using the BibTeX function. Lots of browsing on the internet suggested solutions involving variations on the order of control characters but none of these worked. The solution turns out to be to work with my .bib file in Notepad with ANSI coding, not in MS Word. Now the control characters appear to work fine. Word's "Save As .txt" function seems to be less simple than it sounds; at least it is doing something Notepad is not, and in my setup this is disrupting SWP.

Perhaps this post will save someone some time trying to figure out a similar problem.




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It is best to use LaTeX to

It is best to use LaTeX to create the accents. Some LaTeX codes for commonly used accents are:

ò= \`{o}  ó= \'{o}  ô= \^{o}  ö= \"{o}  õ= \~{o}

To enter "Théorèm", for example, you could enter


in the .bib file.