How do I get rid of blank pages?

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Hi everyone,

When I'm typesetting my dissertation, I get a blank page between chapters.  Have any of you encountered similar problems before?  How did you remove the blank pages?

Thanks a lot!


Depends on the typesetting

Depends on the typesetting specification you are using.  For example, for the standard LaTeX book typesetting specification you can set a class option that controls if chapters can be started on the left (odd) page (the openright class option) or if chapter can be started on the next available (even or odd page number) page (the openany class option).

Report style typsetting specifications usually default to open on the next available page, so you are probably using a book style typesetting specification that defaults to open on the next odd page.

Use Typeset, Options and Packages, the Class Options tab and then the Modify button to see the available options.

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Thanks, George.  Problem

Thanks, George.  Problem solved.