How do I import a pdf image into a swp document?

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I have a set of .eps files that I convert to .pdf using epstopdf --gsopt="-dPDFX=true" in order to ensure that all referenced fonts in the eps file are embedded in a portable way. I then want to import the pdf files into my swp file so that I can generate a pdf. This should be easy because pdflatex supports pdf graphics - but there seems to be no way to import using the import picture command. If I directly import the .eps files the pdf that is generated does not embed the fonts used in the eps files.

whats the best method to use?

There has previously been a

There has previously been a discussion on this forum on how to directly use .pdf files as graphics via the \includegraphics statement.  See: Importing PDF to SWP document

You can also use the Search feature of the forum for keywords like: "includegraphics" or "pdf graphics"