Exporting All Fonts in a pdf

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A common requirement for journal submissions is to ensure that all fonts used in a pdf are exported as part of the pdf. Unfortunately the default configuration of SWP5.5 can not do this. Using the TrueTex pdf generator leaves the default fonts (ie. Courier and Times-Roman) out of the pdf file.

If MikTeX 2.9 is used on the same .tex file then the pdf has the fonts correctly embedded. (using the expert typeset options to select an alternative formatter to invoke MikTex from within SWP).

Any suggestions? 

This applies only to the

This applies only to the pdflatex included with Version 5.5 Build 2960.

The font mapping for pdflatex 1.40.3 is controlled by the single file TCITeX\fonts\map\pdftex\pdftex.map.  Attached is a modified pdftex.map that changes what was previously in WinFonts.map (the section that controls the Courier, Helvetica, and Times-Roman fonts) and uses what is used in the file download35.map that gets used when fonts are forced to be embedded via the dvips mechanism in TeX Live.

Using this font mapping file seems to work for me, so give it a try.

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Dear Geoge, Your file is

Dear Geoge,

Your file is really can help and it works for my case perfectly.

If anyone get the problem about following fonts (Times-Roman, Times-Bold, Times-BoldItalic, Times-Italic), you just need to install the SWP 5.5 and copy the George's file to this destination "TCITeX\fonts\map\pdftex\".

Again, thanks George