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Just wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a good shell for a dissertation/thesis to use for UK universities. So far, the only hurdle I can see to using SW or SWP for mine is that I am required to have a References section for citations and a Bibliography section for books that were just used for general reading. In SW/SWP it looks like there is just a Bibliography section which then becomes called a References section when typeset. Will I need to vreate custom tags to create this feature?

otherwise, looks pretty damn powerful.


My dissertation is in the field of acoustics so some maths, tables, graphs and images.

 Are you planning to use

 Are you planning to use BibTeX for your citations, or just manual bibliography entries?  Either way, you should be able to do a citations section, and then add some TeX commands to change the name of the bibliography heading, and perhaps even turn off the labels before each item, and then do another bibliography for your reading list.  Exact details will depend on the typesetting specification you are using (articles use one macro name for the heading and books/reports use a different macro name).

Create a small sample document with the different elements of your document and post it if you need help.

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With respect to your

With respect to your bibliography needs:  I took a look at

and (unless someone from MSI can give you better advice)
it seems to me that your best bet is multibib.
(Not to be confused with multibbl).

I assume that what you want to do is write your disseration
with citations as usual. Then you'll want to add
a chapter with the uncited references to the literature, which
will take the form of \nocite entries.

If this is right, then I think you can get this to work
as follows (but untested by me: you may want to try it
out with a couple of pages, just to be sure, before you
commit to it):

1. Write everything except the nocites chapter.

2. When you're ready for the final chapter, add


to the preamble. (You may need to retrieve this package from
CTAN: I don't know if it's included in SWP).

3. Add the following after the RequirePackage:


See the multibib write-up for more on this.

4. Start a new section for the uncited references

5. Add an encapsulated tex field with contents


6. Now enter all your nocite's

7. Save the document.

8. I think at this stage you will need to run
bibtex by hand in a dos session to  create
supp.bbl. However, once you've done this, then
as long as you don't add nocites, you won't need to do it