Formatting TOC

Hi All,

I am trying to format my Table of contents as follows:

                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS

              CHAPTER                                                      PAGE

              ABSTRACT                                                           i

              CHAPTER 1                                                         1

               CHAPTER 2                                                         2


I added \tableof contents as a TEX commands and also added this to my preamble :

\renewcommand{\contentsname}{TABLE OF CONTENTS}


However, I do not know how to center the TABLE OF CONTENTS, and I do not know how to insert an underlined Chapter and Page. I also have a problem in the numbering of the ABSTRACT, the page number shows as 1 not as i.

I appreciate any help. Thank

The formatting for the

The formatting for the heading "TABLE OF CONTENTS" is usually defined by an unnumbered chapter (for book or report typesetting specifications that include chapter as the highest division level) and is thus consistent with other chapter and unnumbered chapter headings in the document.

Look at the ulem package to underline text.  Look at \addtocontents to add arbitrary inforation to the toc (or lof or lot). See for help with the page numbering.


To center the chapter names I

To center the chapter names I just used \being{center} CHAPTER 1  \end{center}. But I don't know how to do this for the TABLE of CONTENTS.

Using this method for the

Using this method for the chapter heads, I don't know how you are getting the chapters as entries in the table of contents.

Maybe you should use a shell document that typesets more closely to what you need.  The AMS shells use centered division headings, for example.