Figures in description list item aren't seen in the same place in pdf file

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 I am writing  10 questions with the tag "description list item". My questions include both text and figure. I am using wrapfig package to be aligned text and figure side by side (or in a same row) .  When I use tag ""description list item" to write question number, after typesettingdocument, figure goes far below the text of question( to the end of paper, i.e., after 10th question). But If I don't use any tag, it works well, i.e., it alignes text and figure of question. How can I achive it,i.e., I will use  the tag "description list item" and I will align text and figure in a same row (side-by-side)?

I am using SWP 5.0

thanks in advance



What you are trying to do

What you are trying to do isn't supported by the wrapfig package.  From the package documentation (inside the .sty file after the defintions):

  - You must not specify a wrapfigure in any type of list environment or
    or immediately before or immediately after one.  It is OK to follow
    a list if there is a blank line ("\par") in between.
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 Thanks for your answer.

 Thanks for your answer. ok.

But It must be a way in SWP to do it without using wrapfig. If there is a package to achive it or any way without using latex commands in tex field in SWP,  please inform me .



The only reasonable method

The only reasonable method that I know about is to use wrapfig to allow LaTeX to place the graphics and the surrounding text.  There may be other solutions, but I didn't find any after a search of comp.text.tex.  The non-typeset method would be to place an inline graphics and then next to it a table that contains as many lines as needed to match the height of the graphic.  This would be manually intensive and probably not typeset exactly right.