Export to rtf

When I create an rtf file with SWP5.0, I can't see the formulas if I move the file to an other computer that hasn't SWP installed.

Do I have to install any font in the second machine?


The graphics for the

The graphics for the equations use fonts installed with SW. If the computer where the .rtf file is being opened does not have these fonts installed, the graphics of the equations will not appear correctly. There is an option in Word that allows embedding fonts into the .rtf file. On the computer where SW is installed, open the .rtf file in Word.  Then, in Word select File, Save As and then select the Tools menu at the top of the dialog and then choose the Save Options item. In the dialog that appears, turn on Embed TrueType fonts and then save the .rtf file.  The resulting .rtf file should be able to be open on another computer.  This may not be a workable solution, however.  I have seen this solution work when using PowerPoint (that has the same save options) and fail when using Word, so you should test this method.

You can install the fonts used in the equations on the other computer.  The fonts that start with "tci" in the name are the fonts used.  One way to install the fonts is to download and install the freeScientific Viewer program which would also allow viewing the original .tex file that was created.

Thank you, very much,

Thank you, very much, George.

The solution embeding the fonts with Word didn't work, but the solution installing the "tci" fonts yes.