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 I am using SW 5.5.  

I am trying to include a PDF graphic in my file.  To do so, I 

1. Added the graphicx package.

2. In the preamble, specified 

\graphicspath{C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/My Documents/CDFI/reresubmit-te/}

which indicates where the file can be found.

3. In an encapsulated tex box inserted: 

\includegraphics[trim=80mm 170mm 60mm 50mm, clip, width=1\textwidth]{fig31}
However, I consistently get that the file cannot be found.  What am I doing wrong?  Can SWP not includegraphics? 
(I've also tried the path as C:\...\..\ and have had the same trouble.) 
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I see two problems. 1. The

I see two problems.

1. The syntax for your \graphicspath statement is incorrect.  Multiple paths can be included in a \graphicspath statement and each path is placed inside a set of braces.  So, if you are specifying only one path you will have two sets of braces as in:  \graphicspath{{c:/swp55/graphics/}}

I don't know if the space in the directory name will be a problem.

2. A graphics type is not specified in your \includegraphics statement.  The LaTeX implementation included with SW does not default to a particular file type. Either the file name with the file extension needs to be specified, or rules added to specify the file extension. The graphics package defines the macro \DeclareGraphicsExtensions to specify this information. Also, the macro \DeclareGraphicsRule is helpful when working in this area. I haven't needed these macros myself, so I can't give exact advise since I haven't tested how to use these macros. See the graphics package documentation for further details.


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Hello, What type of figure


What type of figure are you trying to include in your document (wmf, ...)? Did you try the SWP Import Figure dialog under the File Menu? Did you include a period after the \end{figure} command as suggested by your code?

--Tom Price