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In swp5.0, using amsart style, I'm trying to force an equation not to line-break, i.e. not to put pieces of the equation on succeeding lines. Within swp, insert>break, there is a "no break command", but this seems to work only in one specific location. Is there a way to force an entire equation/mathematical expression not to break in the middle? Going to a newline before the expression uglifies the typography by un-justifying the line before the break, and of course has cascading effects on breaks farther down in the paragraph. Of course, forcing a no-break to an expression may also uglify appearance. Thanks.

As you note, changing the

As you note, changing the LaTeX line breaking can result in bad appearance, one way or the other.  Generally, the best advice is "don't do it".

However, an internet search finds which includes some advise to place the math in a group that starts with a non-breaking space.

In SW this can be done by adding a TeX field in math mode, a non-breaking space, the math expression, and then another TeX field in math mode.  The first TeX field would contain \bgroup and the second \egroup.

The attached document demonstrates this.  The first paragraph typesets with a break in the math expression.  The second paragraph demonstrates what's described above and does not break the math, but the math then extends into the margin.  The third paragraph adds a line break object before the math.  This results wide interword spacing.  Using the linebreak rather than the newline object maintains the justificaiton.'s picture

Thank you. It does look

Thank you.

It does look really ugly, what with the out of margin in one case and the over-spaced justified line in the other.

I will take your advice, and not do it. If the journal reviewer doesn't like it, I'll show him your example....