Names and numerotation of chapters/appendix

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I would like to know how to assign markers to chapter and appendix ; if I do so as for section, the compilation fails.

I would like to know also how to override "appendix" (the name given by default) into "annexe" ? (if it is possible)

Many thanks in advance.!

Yes ! As you suggested, the

Yes ! As you suggested, the marker has to be inserted just after the title/header of the chapter/appendice ! Thanks !

To override "table of contents", I have been told here (maybe by you) to insert " \def\contentsname{Table des mati\`eres} " in the preamble. Do you know a TeX command to get "annexe" instead of "appendix" ?

Normally you would use the

Normally you would use the babel package with an appropriate language option to override "Table of Contents", "Appendix", etc.  However, you are using the svmult2e package and it is not babel friendly.  Specifically, it contains:


This is where "Contents" comes from.  The above would need to be replaced with Contents substituted with what you want.

The macro definition would need to be placed in a package file that us loaded after the svmult2e package.  If added to the document preamble SW will try to substitute the \tableofcontents command in the front matter with an expansion of the macro.  In this case, SW does not handle the expansion and the document will be damaged an no longer usable (I tried it).

My recommendation would be to remove the svmult2e package and add the babel package with the French option.

Thanks again ! Removing the

Thanks again ! Removing the svmult2e package enabled me to gert "annexe" (I had already Babel in my set of packages).
By the way, I don't know what is the use of the svmult2e package ; it was probably already there when I created the file....

1) LaTeX uses a general

1) LaTeX uses a general method to resolve cross references.  A cross reference refers to a marker and is resolved to the previous most recent counter.  To get a cross reference to a division heading (chapter, section, subsection, etc.), place a marker at the beginning of the paragraph that immediately follows the heading.  It may also work to place the marker in the heading, but depending on the specific typesetting specification being used this may have been the cause of the compile error you report.

2) Changing "Appendix" to something else very much depends on the exact typsetting specification being used.  In general, using the babel package with a selected language would be the preferred method.  This will change language dependent items in a standard typesetting specification such as Abstract, Table of Contents, etc.  Depending on the typesetting specification, alternate ways to change the text used for appendix is to modify the macro that holds the appendix name, or if that exists then the macro that creates the appendix heading would need to be revised.  An exact answer can't be provided without knowing the typesetting specification.  For some more guidance, use Help, Search and find the index entry "babel package" and see the available topics.  If you still need assistance, post a sample document.

Thanks for your answer! 1) I

Thanks for your answer!

1) I have tried to insert a marker on the title of a chapter or of an index. It has halways induced a failaure of compilation..
2) You can have the master TeX document here : . This TeX file have calls to subdocuments that I can't include (that's my book... ;) ) but the style and all that stuff is decided by this main file, as far as I understand TeX.

Where exactly are you placing

Where exactly are you placing the marker?  If it is in the division heading paragraph, then it looks like for this particular typesetting specification that it won't work.  Move the marker to the beginning of the next paragraph after the division heading.