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Hello all again,

I will really appreciate your help with the following:

I want to write some explanatory notes under some graphics (floating objects). And i want it to be numbered in the title as well.

With the properties option, labeling and caption, if i write in the caption above, i get the numbering following the title of the figue.

But if in addition, i write in the caption below option, i get the sequence numbering of the tables before the note. I don't want it to say like "Figure 2: Notes: Explanatory notes", and that is what i am getting". I would like it to say "Notes: Explanatory notes".

Again, i will really appreciate your help, and i hope somebody can help me.

Thank you all in advance.



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You can work around this by

You can work around this by changing the placement option on the graphic from Floating to Inline and adding the appropriate TeX commands around the inline figure.

Before the in-line figure, insert an encapsulated TeX field that reads


Then insert another encapsulated TeX field which reads

\caption{figure caption}

Then, you can enter the notes on the line that follows the figure and enter a final encapsulated TeX field which reads


If you wish to cross reference the figure, you can enter a marker somewhere between the \begin{figure} and \end{figure} commands.


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Just one more question, after

Just one more question, after inserting the figure, i am using for the notes:

\begin{flushleft}\footnotesize text \end{flushleft}

Because i want my notes in a samaller size and left justified, but the problem is that the space between the figure and the begining of my notes is larger than what i need, and the space between the end of the notes and the beggining of the regular text is even larger!!!

Is there anything i could do to fix that?

Thank you all again in advance!


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Instead of using the

Instead of using the \centering command, you could use the \begin{center} command before the figure and the \end{center} command just after the figure, making sure to include both of these commands in encapsulated TeX fields. Then, you wouldn't need to use the flushleft environment and there would be less space before and after the notes.

See the attached document, which, after compiling, provides a visual difference between the two approaches.


Just to clarify John's

Just to clarify John's comment on marker location...  The marker must appear AFTER the caption TeX field and before the \end{figure} encapsulated TeX field.  Cross references to markers always refer to the first most previous object, so in this case you want the marker after the caption.

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Thank you, that is exactly

Thank you, that is exactly what i needed!!:)