macOS 10.15 Catalina

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Now that macOS 10.15 Catalina has been officially released, when will compatible versions of your applications be released?

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Thanks. Glad to hear an

Thanks. Glad to hear an update is planned.

We will release as soon as an

We will release as soon as an update is available.  We don't have a specific date for when this will happen, but progress is being made.

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Urgent question: Does SWP

Urgent question: Does SWP 6.0.30 still actually work as it should with macOS Catalina?

If not, I need to stop my mac updating automatically to Catalina tonight.

Apple has just launched macOS

Apple has just launched macOS Catalina, which does not run 32-bit programs and therefore does not run the current versions of the MacKichan Software programs. We strongly recommend against updating to Catalina at this time.

We are currently working to modify the programs so that they will run on Catalina. We will send out an announcement when they are usable with Catalina.

We know this may cause problems for many of you; please accept our apologies.

—Barry MacKichan

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Re-assuring that you are

Re-assuring that you are working on an update that will be usable with macOS Catalina.

Are you also sorting out other bugs - most importantly, those I reported in topic "SWP 6.0.30 Previously reported bugs"?

We continue to address bugs

We continue to address bugs and there will be improvements with the next release.  However, the emphasis is on getting the 64-bit release out the door.  That is, there won't be any promises about specific bugs for the next release.

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I appreciate your priorities.

I appreciate your priorities. However, it is particularly urgent to fix Bug 1 of the following bugs that I reported in topic "SWP 6.0.30 Previously reported bugs". I have lost serious amounts of work that have taken me a lot of time to rectify because of this particular bug, so I think it really must be a top priority for fixing.

I conjecture that Bugs 2 and 3 below are related to Bug 1: they are all to do with the interaction of section and environment tags. So they may well all be fixed by the same program changes.

1. Remove section: major bug
Placing the cursor in a subsection heading and using the tag results in the subsection heading being removed but the text of the subsection remaining intact. However, when I do this in a subsection that contains a Definition environment, although the text before the Definition environment is retained, the Definition environment is removed and the text following the Definition environment is deleted. (The same problem seems also to occur with environment tags other than Definition.)
Not fixed in 6.0.30.

2. Subsection scope
When inserting a subsection command at the beginning of a paragraph of some existing text, the scope of the subsection extends to the end of the document (or the next sectioning command) if the remaining text is all straight text. However, if the remaining text contains a Definition environment, the scope of the subsection extends only to the start of that environment. (I haven't checked whether the same applies to other environments, such as Proposition but I would expect it to do so.)
Not fixed in 6.0.30.

3. Remove section bug
Using (removesection) tag also removes BibTeX command at end of document.
Not fixed in 6.0.30.

It would be great if you were able to fix these bugs in the next release of SWP 6.