css editor not working correctly?

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SWP 6.0.29 on MS Win

Is the CSS Editor working correctly?

Open the Std Latex Article. Note that the section title
("Standard LaTeX Article") is tagged as |section| |sectiontitle|
[edited: using | for &gt and &lt which don't seem to
show up correctly]

Now open the CSS Editor and expand my.css
Select section>sectiontitle
Under Text > FontSize, type in 12pt
Back in the preceding screen, check Importance
Click Close

In the editing window, the section title is now displayed
in a smaller font, as you'd expect.

Now save and re-open the document.
The section title has reverted to its former size.
In the CSS Editor, under section>sectiontitle there
are no properties defined. In other words, nothing done in the
previous CSS Editor session seems to have had any effect.

(Incidentally, when you checked the Importance box, a little line
appears to the right of the box, suggesting that something
isn't appearing, that should be)

(Also, in the CSS Editor, what is the "Refresh" button
supposed to do? It appears to have no effect).

Am I doing something wrong, or is the CSS Editor not