SWP 6.0.29 Bold cross-references

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I have been unable to get SWP 6.0.29 to put cross references in boldface type. See the attached document for an example.

Is this a bug? Or is there some way of putting cross-references in bold that I have not discovered?

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See also

See also


(which tend to advise against this, typographically speaking).

Still, from this, a quick-and-dirty solution, which doesn't have you futzing around in SourceView would be to put into the preamble (or into a package which you then load via \usepackage, but remember that unlike SWP5, you need to refresh the database before that becomes usable)


Of course, this is only useful if you want all your cross-refs to have this form.

From what I see, Version 6

From what I see, Version 6 does not allow applying bold (and probably other text tags) to cross references or citations (and probably other similar objects).  There are two work arounds.

The first would be to switch to Source view and edit the xhtml tags.  Highlight the bolded text in the body of the document and then click the Source tab.  This will then highlight the corresponding text in the source view, along with the xhtml tags.  In your example, the source view would show:
<bold>refer to Definition </bold><xref key="Definition"
href="Definition" reftype="obj"/><bold> in bold</bold>

Notice that around the cross reference (<xref> tag) the bold tag is closed and then again opened.  Deleting the close and open would add the cross reference to the bolded text.  That is, change the above to:
<bold>refer to Definition <xref key="Definition"
href="Definition" reftype="obj"/> in bold</bold>

The second work around would be to insert the cross reference in a TeX field where the bold text tag would be applied.  For your example, the contents of the TeX field would be: \textbf{\ref{Definition}}

Attached is a modified version of your sample document that shows both solutions.

I will report not being able to tab these objects to the development team.