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I frequently use the panel in the left-hand sidebar in SWP 6 to navigate to a section of a document by double-clicking on the section name. Sometimes this takes me to the beginning of the section and sometimes to the end. But I have never managed to work out what determines which of these will happen and whether I can control this.

Is there some way to control whether double-clicking on the section name moves to the beginning or the end of the section?

My testing has the beginning

My testing has the beginning of the section appearing in the edit window.  So, it's possible that you are seeing document specific differences.  That is, I can't reproduce what you report.

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I experimented with a bunch

I experimented with a bunch of the economics shells, and in all of them clicking on the TOC items went to the top (as George found). So maybe jm could post an example of his problem?

On a related note: I've never understood why, when you select items from the TOC, you get the entire unit selected. Wouldn't it be preferable to just put the cursor at the selected unit and leave it at that? Or is there something I'm missing here?

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Many thanks for investigating

Many thanks for investigating this issue. I can't post an example right now because I cannot reliably reproduce one. But when I next have an example of jumping to the bottom, I'll see if I can reproduce it and, if I can, post it.