MacOS Mojave

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Since upgrading my Mac operating system to Mojave, I get the message ` needs to download the font "Osaka"' whenever I start SWP 6.0.29. The message gives me the options to `Skip' or `Download'.

Is there any reason for me to need the font Osaka when using SWP when not using Japanese? And, if not, is there something I can do to avoid getting the message in future?

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You can ignore it. You can

You can ignore it. You can also download it. It really doesn't matter for you.

As far as I can tell, there is a collection of fonts for the web, of which this is part, so that if you want to read a web page that is in Japanese, you will have a font to display it. I removed this request from the code several months ago, so once you have the next release (soon!) you should not see this message again.

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Many thanks for the speedy

Many thanks for the speedy and helpful reply.

It's great that the next release will be soon. I am very keen to have it.