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Cold someone show me how to align the = signs in the display in the attached file? I can't seem to do it.

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1. The short answer is not

1. The short answer is not by editing your expression within SWP 6. But alignment worked as expected when I re-typed the expression in a new document, see the attached sci file.
I have had many experiences of displays in which I have been unable to get Set alignment to make any difference to the alignment. But I have not reported it because I have been unable to identify when it works and when not. This is clearly something that needs investigating and fixing.
Could somebody at MacKichan with expertise in XHTML compare the display in the attachment to the original posting with that to this reply to identify the source of the difference in behaviour?

2. Was the expression imported from SWP 5.5? I am interested that on my Mac the "U+2063 INVISIBLE SEPARATOR" character appears on-screen in the middle of the subscript expressions gm and gk. Does it appear on yours? ⁣

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Thanks for your help; I agree

Thanks for your help; I agree that alignment needs to be fixed.

As to your specific questions:

1. I opened alignment2 in SWP6, and tried to SetAlignment in all possible positions around the = signs in the display. On screen nothing changed. (I didn't try previewing). If you got alignment to take on screen, then maybe it's a Windows issue.

2a. I believe that I first noticed the problem from in imported SWP5 document. I think I then just cut-and-pasted that one display into the Std Latex Article for posting here. (My original post said that I pasted from the SWP5 original, but I think that was incorrect).

2b. No, I don't see the mysterious Invisible Separator character either in my alignment1 or in your alignment2. I took a quick look at the Sources for the two files: the x_{gm} in the numerator of the second row of the display is at line 146, and there are a couple of differences, but it's difficult to be sure what's going on. It's also hard to copy this stuff to the clipboard and paste it into a text file, since some things don't get translated well; I'm attaching a zip file with screenshots in the hope that someone might figure it out; but it's beyond me.