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SWP 6.0.29 on MS Win
(original post had type: 6.0.28)

In a recent posting I wondered why there was no
support for Times math. In response, jm asked
what was wrong with mathptmx, which, as he pointed
out, was Times, and was available on his Mac
installation of SWP6.

But when I looked at my setup on Windows, in the
Fonts tab of the DocFormat dialog, the only
option I had for math fonts was mathPazo, which
I believe is Palatino support. Has something gone
wrong with my installation of SWP6? Both mathptmx.sty and
mathpazo.sty are available in my TeXLive installation.
(Checked using kpsewhich).

As regards Times fonts for text, I tried the following:

In the Std Latex Article, I did DocumentFormat, then
selected the Fonts tab. I checked Enable Overriding ...
and then for the Main font, selected Times.

I then typeset. In the pdf preview, it seemed that
the fonts were still Computer Modern: some of the
letters (eg "t") have quite distinct shapes. I looked
at the TeX file and I could see nothing that indicated
any Times font setup had been requested. I looked at the
TeX Log file and could see nothing that indicated Times,
but lots of references to cm fonts. Finally, when I
re-opened the Document Format I could see that my
previous change had not been remembered: everything
on the Fonts tab had reverted to Default.

I then added the "times" package by hand, using
the Options and Packages dialog, and when I
typeset, I got Times text fonts, as expected.
So it seems that Times fonts are in fact available
in my TeXLive installation; the problem seems to be
that the Fonts tab of Doc Format is not working properly.
Or is there another explanation?

Finally, (returning to the original question), I note
that mathptmx is available on the Options and Packages
dialog --- is this what jm meant when he said that it
was available on his Mac? But what I was thinking of
when I asked about the availability of Times was the
Fonts tab on Doc Format, where at least on my setup,
it doesn't appear; and I don't think your average
SWP user is likely to know that you can get Times
via an appropriate Options and Packages selection.