I am running 6.0.28 under windows 10. Is there a way of hiding the rapid fire display of compilation windows after I press the pdflatex tab?

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As far as I know, the

As far as I know, the answer's No. The reason is that when you compile a file with pdflatex what happens is that SWP6 starts cmd.exe to run pdflatex.cmd; and there's no way to start cmd.exe "invisibly".

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Actually, it can be done

Actually, it can be done using Windows Shell. The file invis.vbs in our Windows version launches the Convert program to convert from bmp format to png (and it corrects for a MuPad error in the process). At one point during development I did have the windows hidden during the compilation process, but the probability of something going wrong and being invisible, though small, would be very annoying.

A  possibility for the future is to make showing the windows optional, set by a preference. We can do this if there is sufficient demand.