calligraphic not working

I am running 6.0.28 on my max. Today I cannot get calligraphic to work. It worked yesterday. Yesterday I am working on the same math paper. Help.

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I think you need to tell us

I think you need to tell us just what isn't working. For example, can you type (new) calligraphic letters and have them visible on-screen? Have calligraphic letters vanished when they were previously visible in your on-screen editing work? Do they typeset properly? etc etc.

The calligraphic symbols that

The calligraphic symbols that were in my paper are still there. When I attempt to add another calligraphic symbol, I fail. What appears instead is a normal symbol.

The Version 6 behavior for

The Version 6 behavior for some of the font related text tags does look to be different than the Version 5.5 behavior.

In Version 5.5, if you applied the calligraphic (or fraktur or blackboard bold) tag, that tag would remain in effect until it was cleared using F4 or the (normal) tag.  However, in Version 6, the tag applies only to the next entered character.  So, to enter two calligraphic characters you must apply the calligraphic tag before typing the character.

The alternative is to enter the characters, then highlight the characters you want to tag, and then apply the tag.  All of the highlighted characters will then have that tag applied.

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This is good to know, but it

This is good to know, but it really does need
to be emphasized in the Help (and in the revised
Creating Documents, whenever it emerges) since there's
room for confusion here. The problem is that (unlike SWP5) the contents of the Paragaph tag drop-down doesn't show
what tag is currently in effect, but only the last
tag selected, which is potentially confusing. Also,
in the case of math tags like calligraphic there's
no way to see what tag is in actually effect (unlike
non-math text tags when you can see from the status bar
at the bottom what's what).

Using the function keys or the built-in
tag icons doesn't change the contents of the tag
drop-down either, which is bound to be confusing.
(Though in this case, for text tags, the status bar
does give the correct info, if you think to look there).

Finally, is there any reason why when you select eg
Calligraphic from this drop-down you don't
automatically enter math mode (if you're not already
there)? That's the way SWP5 behaves, and it seems
more intuitive to me. (Similarly for the other
math-only -- red --- tags from this drop-down).
It looks to me as if Calligraphic has no
effect when you're not in math mode, even though
you can see it as apparently activated in the
status bar.

I don't know if it's possible to make the paragraph
tag drop-down behave as it does in SWP5, ie
always show what tag is in effect for whatever's
under the cursor; but it would certainly make
understanding easier.