PDF problem after importing a SWP 5.5 file into SWP 6

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I have a file that has starting giving problems with SWP 5.5 in Windows 10 (1709) after updating the computer. It still compiles and I get a PDF docuemnt without any issues on a slightly older Windows 10 machine. Rather than troubleshooting SWP 5.5, I thought this would be a good time to force myself to get into SWP 6 and start using it rather than falling back on SWP 5.5, that I know, for everything.

Installed SWP 6.0 without any issues, imported the file without any issues, but as soon as I click the PDF tab I receive a "Fatal error occurred" message (see the end of this message for complete output).

Does anybody have any suggestions or why this would happen?
Clean SWP 6 install, I've not done any changes to the system, and I just import the file from the *.tex file and click on PDF.
Is there anything else I should install or another setting I should set?

I can upload the file to a developer if needed, I would rather not upload it here.
I did not see any Tex Live errors during installation, so I'm guessing it installed without any issues.
I'm using Beamer to create slides from the document. I ran the TeX Live manager and installed all packages with Beamer in the title and then updates the databasis.

Thanks for the help,

! Too many }'s.
\endframe ->\egroup
\begingroup \def \@currenvir {frame}
l.1011 \end {frame}

! Too many }'s.
\endframe ->\egroup
\begingroup \def \@currenvir {frame}
l.1032 \end {frame}

! LaTeX Error: File `P50VUI00' not found.

! LaTeX Error: File `P54IIP00' not found.

!pdfTeX error: pdflatex.exe (file mathkerncmssi9): Font mathkerncmssi9 at 600 n
ot found
==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!

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Things you might check: 1.

Things you might check:

1. The log reports 2 files whose name begins with P not being found. You should check that they got copied from wherever they were in SWP5 to the corresponding location in the SWP6 documents folder.

2. I did both a text- and file-search for mathkern*.* in my swp55 distribution but found nothing. Is this a file that you've installed yourself? If so, you will probably need to re-install it for swp6.

3. One thing to bear in mind is that TeXLive (SWP6) works differently from TrueTeX (SWP5). in TrueTex you can just put a new package/class file, or font file or whatever, into the appropriate place in the TeX tree and it will be found. This will not work in TeXLive: there you must explicitly update a database in order for a new file to be recognized. The easiest way to do this is to start the TLManager, click Actions, then Update filename database.