Problem importing a SWP 5.5 .tex file into SWP 6.0

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When I try to import a .tex file produced by, and that works in, SWP 5.5, into SWP 6.0, the import proceeds for a while but then terminates with a message displayed in Normal view:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

When I try to switch to XML tags view or Source view, I get an error message ("Error executing 'alltagsmode' and "Error executing command "sourcemode", respectively).

Is there somewhere that I get more information about this?

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I was getting kind of frantic

I was getting kind of frantic under a time crunch but at last got the time to look a little more carefully.

Some of my imports work. But the ones that do not, it appears, include multiplication of matrices that are made of sub- and superscripted variables. This did work in SWP 5.5 Build 2960. In SWP 6.027, however, I am not sure that such matrix multiplication works even when typed into a fresh document. That is, it might not even have to do with importing itself. In any event, I have now emailed this, with a couple of files attached, to MacKichan.

I appreciate the response.

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My guess is: No, there's no

My guess is: No, there's no place to get help on this (but I'd be glad to hear that I'm wrong).

Your best bet is to post the offending file (or preferably a short version that still generates the error). If the document is confidential (or you just don't want to post it here) then you should ask the developers about sending them a private copy.