Any way to keep SWP 6.027 in Windows 10 from crashing every two minutes?

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I used SWP 5.5 a few years ago with pretty good success. Now that I've installed 6.027 alongside it, neither one will do too much before sputtering, wheezing, and then freezing. (Task manager will invariably say "not responding.") I could have had this project done by hand a few hours ago.

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I second jm's comment. I have

I second jm's comment. I have both v6 and v55 running on the same win7 computer and neither of them has the sort of problem you describe. As far as I know, there's no interaction between the two versions, so the behavior you report is puzzling. Have you tried uninstalling, say, v6 and seeing if that improves the v55 issue?

I don't use win10, but at least under win7 there's the possibility of running programs in "compatibility mode" - if the same thing exists under win10 you might try setting the compatibility to win7, and see if that helps. Certainly for me, under win7, crashes are pretty rare, and certainly not "every 2 minutes".

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I don't have this problem

I don't have this problem with SWP 6.0.27 on a Mac. It does "quit unexpectedly" too often for my liking but the automatic saving usually gets me back to where I was reasonably quickly. Only very rarely have I had it freeze.

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Some of my students have the

Some of my students have the problem of SNB 6.0 crashing frequently; others have no difficulty. The problem seems to be more frequent on Macs.

The advice of one of my students is not to "stress the software out". She advises not to have too many other applications open at the same time.
Also, if SWP is taking some time to do an operation, wait for it to finish before trying to continue.

I suspect that this is not universal advice, but it seems to work for her.