Lim: Operator Limit Placement

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Here is the text of a student question on my class discussion board:

I was trying to write out a limit for the homework and I couldn't find a way to put the n approaches infinity segment underneath. Does anyone know a way to do this or this some you just have to work your way around?


Here is my response; was it accurate? If so, there is a problem that probably should be fixed.

I assume you were in math mode, typed lim and it turned gray, indicating a math name. Then you entered a subscript, which appeared below and to the right. However, you wanted it to appear below. This was pretty easy in 5.5; it is possible in 6.0, but requires care. Go to Insert, Math Object, Math Name and start typing li ... There will be an auto complete selection; choose lim. In the Operaton Limit Placement dialog that ensues, select Above/Below and then OK.

Unfortunately, it appears that this will happen every time you have to type a limit, and there is no way to change it either forever, or in a particular document. You could try to make an automatic substitution to give you the positioning you want.

There appear to be a couple of bugs in the limit definition. The default Operation Limit Placement is Auto, but on my computer the placement is always at the right, even in displays. Also, if you type lim in math mode, you do get a (gray) math name, but right click, Properties, Math name properties and lim shows up as a function, not an operator; therefore the Operator Limit Placement area is grayed out.