macOS High Sierra

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Have you tried running SWP 6.0.27 under the most recent Mac operating system macOS High Sierra? Are there any problems with this?

As far as I know, there are

As far as I know, there are no issues.  I'm not using this version myself, but as I recall a question about High Sierra was asked and at least one of the developers using a Macintosh is using High Sierra without incident.

Are you seeing specific problems?

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No, I am not seeing specific

No, I am not seeing specific problems. It was just that it seemed the initial bugs in High Sierra had been sorted out, so it would make sense to install it. But I was aware that there were problems with, for example, some Microsoft Office programs running under High Sierra and just wanted to check if there were any known ones with SWP 6.0.27.

I have now installed High Sierra and SWP 6.0.27 seems to be running exactly as it did with Sierra.