symbol panels

How can I restore a symbol accidentally deleted from a symbol panel? I use sciword 5.5. I use a trackpad in place of a mouse. I do not know how to a do a right click. Thanks
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Try for ways to use the keyboard to send a "right click".

Also, trackpad drivers usually provide a way to send a "right click", which would be in the documentation for the trackpad.

Finally, just for completeness for our Mac customers, ctrl + click is the standard way to send a "right click" on a one-button mouse or a trackpad.

I hope this helps.

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A right click is the only

A right click is the only access to be able to reset the contents of the symbol panels (short of deleting the local user registery information that would reset to how the system was right after installation).  There must be a right click operation.  Try an internet search looking for your model trackball to locate help.