Operator size

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With SWP 6.0.27, operator (such as summation or integration) symbols and fractions whose size is set to Auto appear on-screen as Small (inline) size even in displayed equations. As I recall it, this is different from earlier versions of SWP 6 where these appeared as Big on-screen in displays. Although this change does not affect the appearance in PDF, I preferred the previous behavior.

Was there a good reason to change this behavior? If not, could you revert to the previous behavior?

Also, are you able to give any idea of when the next release of SWP 6 will be available? There are a number of bugs in SWP 6.0.27 that I have come across. But it takes a lot of time to document them fully and my guess is that at least some of them have already been fixed in your current in-house version. So I would prefer to wait until after the next release if it is not going to be too long coming.