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I have been editing a Beamer presentation, originally imported from SWP 5.5, with SWP 6.0.26 which produced a correct PDF. However, when I do further edits with SWP 6.0.27, I get the error message that there is a problem creating a PDF file and and no PDF is created.

The problem seems to be that pdfLaTeX is unable to find the file tcilatex.tex. When I rolled back to release 6.0.26, the problem disappeared (and a check revealed that tcilatex.tex is indeed in the TeX folder). So it looks as if the problem arises because tcilatex.tex is not included in release 6.0.27.

1. Is it correct that tcilatex.tex is not included in release 6.0.27? (I am using the Mac version.)
2. If so, is that just an unintentional omission? Or is it policy that tcilatex.tex is not to be included in future releases of SWP 6?

1.  No.  There has been no

1.  No.  There has been no change to installing tcilatex.tex and related files since the first release.

2. While tcilatex.tex isn't needed (in many cases) by Version 6 documents, there is no plan to remove it.  There are many typesetting specification files that are referenced by certain shells that are included in the same directory tree as tcilatex.tex.

I just installed 6.0.27 on the Macintosh after deleting the tcilatex.tex class of files.  They were restored by the installation.  On the Macintosh, the files are placed in /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local/tex/latex/TCItex and below.

In general, if tcilatex.tex can't be found, updating the filename database should solve the problem.  The steps are available at Updating the TeX Live filename database.