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SWP 6.0.27 on MSWin

The table width entry on the table properties dialog
isn't remembered, and seems to have no effect in
typesetting. (Of course, these may be related).
What is it supposed to do, anyway?

Is there a way to set a column width to be eg 1.0in
as we can do in SWP5, to force wrapping of long entries
in typesetting?

There is a Text Wrap entry on the Cells tab of Table
Properties, but it doesn't seem to affect typesetting
and anyway is not remembered. If this is intended to affect
only Direct Preview then I think you need to make clear
what does and doesn't affect Typesetting, otherwise people
will get confused and frustrated.

The same applies to Cell Content Alignment.

Additional comment on cell wrapping: the default
seems to be Wrap. I think this is a bad decision:
when you enter text in cells, the text now wraps at every
word, making the table grow downwards. But this
makes it difficult to view the table while composing
text that discusses it. It also conflicts with the
eventual typeset appearance of the table, in which
cell entries don't wrap.

The Advanced Edit button, present on all
the tabs, does nothing.

In another posting I've noted the inadequacy
of the Search Help facility: doing a search for
"table" produces only info on tables related to
computation - not a word about text tables.

At least on my monitor, the space provided
for a table caption has no distinguishing
appearance. I suggest making it more obvious.
If you don't want to fiddle with the colors,
perhaps just putting up "[]"(or "Caption") would help.

The entry for the Cell Background color isn't
remembered (though it works properly).

Table > Properties > Cell Group Properties brings
up the Table tab of Table Properties. Is this
intended? Seems odd, given that there is a Cell tab.

The following can lead to an apparent
(and very disconcerting) loss of data:

- After the first paragraph of the std latex
article insert a 2x2 table. Put something innocuous
in each cell.

- Now with the cursor somewhere in the table
do Right-click > Table Select > Table.

- With the Table selected, do right-click
Properties > Table Properties.

- Choose the Cell tab.

- Under "Other" click on the little box below
"Background Color". When the color dialog opens,
select the Table radio button, and choose a color. Click OK.

- You're now back on the Cell tab. Click OK.

Nothing happens. You seem to be stuck there.
If instead you click Cancel then you are indeed
back in the editor, but most of your on-screen
text is gone. It's true that you can Preview;
but when you return from this, *all* text appears
to be gone. If you're sufficiently unfazed, you
can save your document, and when you open the
saved file, all your work is still there. But
I think most people would panic when this happens
and not realize that this is a recoverable problem.

Incidentally the same thing happens if you try to
change the cell wrap setting or use the Lines

After further experimentation, it may be that the
problem is caused by first selecting the entire
table. If you skip this step, it appears that
you can exit after trying to change these settings.
If this is right, then perhaps the Properties
feature should not be available if the entire
table is selected. Is there then another reason
to select the entire table other than to delete it?