Selecting + crash

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SWP 6.0.27 on MsWin

Elsewhere (in the post "Selecting") Barry
explains how we can use the status bar
to get around selection problems in math displays.
Three remarks:

1. I hope that the ability to do this won't
be taken as a substitute for the sort of
mouse-based in-the-expression selections
we're all used to (and can do in SWP5).

2. It is important that the manual explain
just what is involved. At present it is
totally silent on this topic: all it says
is that you can see "what tags are in effect",
and doesn't mention actually using the bar to
help you do something. For example, what's
the difference between "Select" and "Select inner"
here? This needs explanation.

3. Most important, this technique appears to
be dangerous: it can crash SWP6. I did this
myself 3 or 4 times when experimenting with
it. The following is a sketch of what seems
to lead to a crash.

Setup: in the Std Latex article, create
a display after "appendices". In this display
enter a fraction (ctrl+/). In the numerator
put f(x,y). In the denominator put g(x,y).
Then just before the g, insert an integral
(ctrl+I). (I don't know if this last needs
to be done in that order or if you can just
enter Integral then g(x,y, or even if the
crash occurs without the Integral). Finally
enter another display after "necessary",
leaving it empty.


A. Put the cursor in the expression in
the denominator. In the status bar select
. Right-click, choose "Select Inner".
Do Ctrl+c to copy it to the clipboard.

B. Put the cursor in the second display, click
Ctrl+v to paste. You should get the denominator
pasted correctly.

C. Do Undo (Ctrl+z). Goto A and repeat.
In my case, I've regularly found, either
on the first or second repeat, that SWP6 crashes.

Finally, a question on a related topic. When
SWP6 crashes, shouldn't there be a backup
document, which would allow you to recover
at least some of your work, and if you
immediately restart SWP6, shouldn't it offer
to load that document? In my case, it never
does. This might be because I've not actually
done a Save; but if this is so, I think it
needs to be reconsidered, since I suspect
users will not, immediately on opening
a shell, save it under a new name.