comment: the help file

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I agree with the Update notes, that adding underlines
to the sections/subsections makes for easier reading.

But I think that, particularly for the subsection
"Entering and Editing Mathematics" which is very long
it would be much better to have the various subunits
appear in the TOC on the left. Remember, the point of the
Help file is to enable users to quickly find out how to
do something.

As I've indicated elsewhere, some Help is actually
incorrect (eg the instructions for working
with automatic equation numbers). This needs to
be fixed.

An added problem is that the Search function
isn't particularly helpful: if I do a search for
"equation number" (eg) nothing is found.
Couldn't you implement a text-search, rather than
(or in addition to) relying on whatever terms seem
to have been pre-entered as possible search topics?