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In new version of SWP6.0.27 I still cannot select few letters or signs in displayed formula. When I try to move a selection indicator right or left instead one sign being a part of the formula the whole formula is selected:-(

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Here is a suggestion that

Here is a suggestion that should solve most (or even all) of these problems. At the bottom of the screen is a status line containing the tags bar, which shows the hierarchy of document objects that contain the cursor. For example if the cursor is in the denominator of , then the tags bar says

You don't need to know a lot of MathML, just a little. The <mfrac> object contains two subobjects, the numerator and the denominator. Since the cursor is in the denominator, it's not in the numerator. That means the <mrow> following the <mfrac> is the denominator. Click on the <mrow> in the tags bar. This will select the <mrow> and you will see the denominator highlighted. Copy and paste wherever you want it.

If you right click on any of the items in the tags bar, you will get a context menu which includes Select, Select inner (this selects the contents of the <mrow>, in this case, but not the mrow tag itselft), Refresh, and Advanced properties.

Hope this helps.


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Sorry, it my previous post

Sorry, it my previous post the images appeared in the editing window, but not in the main forum window. To make sense of this:

Put the cursor in the denominator of "f(x,y)/g(x,y)"


the tags bar looks like <body. <bodyText> <math> <mrow><mrow> <mrow> <mo>

The last part of the tags bar may not match this perfectly, as it depends on where you put the cursor exactly.

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Selecting math items is

Selecting math items is certainly still problematic in SWP 6.0.27 and this aspect of the program definitely needs more attention from the developers.

However, my experience is that there are typically workarounds for the problems I have encountered with this. Without more detailed information about the particular problem you have, it is hard to tell whether these apply in your case. You might, though, consider the following:

1. If I select **all** the contents within a display, then it can certainly be difficult to avoid selecting the whole display (including the label). To overcome that, I add an extra character (for example +) at the beginning or end of the display contents, select the part I want, delete the extra character and then paste the display contents where I want it. It's cumbersome but it works for me.

2. My experience is that beginning and ending a selection with any screen character that corresponds to more than one ASCII character (for example, fractions and characters with decorations) in the source file, or coming immediately before or after such a character, is very hit and miss, often resulting in the dreaded "invalid markup" error when cut or copied and pasted. This is, I imagine, because SWP 6 is not good at ensuring that **all** the ASCII characters associated with such screen characters are selected. My workaround is to ensure that my selections always start and finish with a screen character corresponding to a single ASCII character, and always come before and after such a character. This may require adding some extra + or - characters before doing the selection and then deleting them after the selection has been made. Again cumbersome, but it works for me.

If your problem corresponds to neither of these, I suggest you post a sample .sci file with a specific example that explains exactly what goes wrong in your case. I might then be able to suggest a workaround.

These workarounds are certainly cumbersome and shouldn't be necessary. Is there any chance of SWP developers working on this issue for the next release?

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I've had something like the

I've had something like the same problems, particularly when selecting in fractions. Consider f(x,y) / g(x,y) [in a display]. In the latest version of SWP6 I can select the numerator with the mouse, and it seems to paste correctly. I've been unable, however, to select the denominator with the mouse (as described in the original post). The only way I've found that works is to put the cursor before the "g" and then use shift+rightArrow to select the rest, character by character.

I agree that this needs work. It's a nuisance to have to keep shifting from using the mouse to using the keyboard.