equation numbering

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Equation numbering

In the section "To add a custom number ..."
the Help file states "1. Right-click the
automatic number for the display and choose Equation
Array Properties ... ".

This is wrong. If you right-click on the number
and Select "Properties >" nothing happens
except that you get a tiny box at the upper-right
of the Properties line, strongly suggesting that
something has not been implemented. (If there's
nothing there, why the Properties at all?)

Apparently, the way to add or turn off a
custom number in SWP6 is to place the cursor
somewhere in the equation, right-click and then
select Equation Array Properties.

I don't know whether the actual usage or the
one described in the Help file is the intended
one, but someone ought to go through the Help file
and ensure that what it says is actually correct.

In my view, the Help file version ought to be the right
description, Otherwise it's just going to confuse
and frustrate SWP55 users, who are used to
selecting the equation number to make changes here.

Finally, let me say that I for one would like to see
a way to turn off automatic numbering, ie to make
the choice "none" the default for all displayed
equations. (This could be set at the individual document
level). It's my impression that good mathematical
writing style is to use numbers only for equations that
will be referred to elsewhere in the paper; displays
referred to in the current context should be unnumbered;
though I recognize that opinions can differ here.