How to create a \underset{\text{label}}{...} from the GUI?'s picture

There seems to be a problem for display a "underbrace" item.
The attached screenshot decoration_import_problem.png show the issue. To reproduce:
Create a file in SWP5.5 like this: decoration.tex
Start SWP 6.0.26 and choose File:Import TeX from the menu to import decoration.tex
The result is like this: decoration.sci
It is displayed wrong in "normal" edit view but the PDF is fine.

There is also a problem creating typeset objects like this in SWP6.0.26:
There is no menu entry for creating a "label".
In SWP 5.5 you can choose from the menu Inset:label and choose below|above.
In SWP 6 i did not find a way other than "import existing tex file" or "put raw TeX in typeset field". This should be added again.

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Labels are now part of the

Labels are now part of the Decorations dialog. They are the rightmost entries in the list of Decorations above and Decorations below.

Using them in conjunction with the underbrace, though, can be problematic. We will try to make improvements in this portion of the interface.