Warning about Windows 10 Creator Update

We have a warning about the Windows 10 Create Update on our web site.  Click here to jump to that warning (you may need to scroll down to the bottom of the page).

We have heard that the update is removing and/or not allowing correct installation of the TrueTeX fonts.  This can be noticed when Calligraphic or Blackboard Bold characters are used in the document.  A possible work around to correct this is to set Windows 10 Creator to allow fonts to be installed using a shortcut.  This is the method used by the TrueTeX installer.  See the attached screen shot to locate how to make this change via Control Panel and the Font settings dialog from the Fonts applet.  This may not be a complete solution to the problem, but does seem to help.

See Document 448 for steps to repair fonts.  Fonts will hopefully no longer be removed after setting as described above to allow installing fonts by using a shortcut.  Following Solution Three in Document 448 should also work.


Win10CreatorFontInstall.PNG44.63 KB