Import problem

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The attached sci file section (imported from an SWP55 document, also
attached) shows something I've noticed several times: when a
display immediately follows a footnote (here footnote 2), the appearance of the display can be corrupted. If you close the footnote you get the correct appearance but the problem returns if you re-open the footnote.

But the more serious problem is that the text of the footnote is not editable (if you try to click on the footnote text, what gets
selected is the equation; also, note the position of the
equation label, which appears to be part of the footnote).
Can this be fixed? (Typesetting, however, appears correct.)

As I say, I've seen this corrupted display several times, but
I can't remember if all of them were associated with SWP55 imports.

opttrans-test.sci29.79 KB
opttrans-test.tex4.95 KB