SWP 6.0.26 Computation Issues

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The attached .sci file illustrates some problems I have with Compute in SWP 6.0.26.

Am I doing something illegitimate? Or are these bugs in SWP 6.0.26?

SWP6026ComputationIssue.sci143.05 KB
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At least on Win7, what seems

At least on Win7, what seems to happen is that SWP doesn't really cease to respond: it's still working on the SolveExact problem, as you can see if you open the Task Manager and look at the memory utilized by the MuPad kernel. Eventually it just runs out of memory. In the meantime, I can actually type in text and successfully save the revised document.

It's not clear how the program *should* respond in such a situation, ie when it's given a really difficult computational task. The Stop button on the computation toolbar is active and will stop the computation if you get tired of waiting.

Of course, on the Mac behavior may be different, I don't know. But on Windows I don't think the behavior is unreasonable.