SWP 6.0.24 Fraction Bug

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The attached .sci file illustrates a bug in rendering a fraction when PDF Preview is used. The PDF is sometimes rendered incorrectly, and sometimes correctly, when the on-screen appearance seems the same.

Why does the same on-screen appearance sometimes result in a correctly rendered PDF and sometimes not?

SWP6024FractionBug.sci84.63 KB
SWP6024FractionBug.pdf46.58 KB
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Somehow the parenthesized

Somehow the parenthesized expression ended up inside the <mo> tag for the initial minus sign. I believe this bug has been fixed, and when we release our newest version it will be impossible to enter this again.

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That's great. Have you also

That's great.

Have you also fixed the bug in 6.0.24 that expanding brackets no longer appear expanded on-screen as they did in 6.0.23?

To me, that is a really important bug to have fixed.

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Yes, the expanding brackets

Yes, the expanding brackets problem seems to have been fixed. We anticipate that the next upgrade will be available early next week. 

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A look at the source reveals

A look at the source reveals that the two identical expressions have different translations. Only source that comes into my mind is that for some reason you do not enter the exact same key strokes. Personally I find the behavior when entering math peculiar.