SWP 6.0.24 Character Properties Bug

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The following bug arises with Character Properties in SWP 6.0.24 on my Mac running OS X 10.12.3.

Type the letter a in math mode. It appears correctly on-screen in red italic font. Now, with the cursor just after the letter, right click, choose Properties and then Character Properties. In the Character Properties dialog box choose a line below _. The letter a then changes from italic to upright font, but still in red.

I have found no way to change the underlined character back to italic, as I need for math mode. Is there one?

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This bug appears not to have

This bug appears not to have been fixed in SWP 6.0.25. I hope you will fix it for the next release.

In the meantime, is there a workaround to get the underlined math character in italic, as it should be for math mode?

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Instead of generating \b{} in

Instead of generating \b{} in this case, we could generate \underline{}, which seems to give the desired result. I made this change, and the attached graphic shows the result of a+a̲ in math mode.

Should I commit this change? Should we choose between \b and \underline using a preference? Your vote please. 

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I don't have any great

I don't have any great expertise with such things, but here are some thoughts.

As I understand it \underline{} is what one gets from using Insert > Decoration in SWP 6. If that's correct, then it wouldn't seem to make sense to have the Character Properties dialog produce the same LaTeX command. There are, after all, two different LaTeX commands and there are good reasons for preferring \b{} to \underline{} in some circumstances, which would not be possible if you were to make the change.

John's suggestion provides an acceptable workaround, so there is no compelling reason to change just to be able to generate correct PDF output.

If I were writing straight LaTeX, I would use \b{$a$} which also works within a math expression such as $f\left (\b{$a$}\right )$ but I have not found a way within SWP 6 to put $ around the character within the braces in \b{} except by using a TeX field, which is somewhat cumbersome. Is there one? Would it be possible to have the Character Properties dialog insert \b{$a$} instead of \b{a} when it is entered within math mode in SWP?

Whatever, I don't think this should be a high priority for you to sort out in SWP 6 because (1) it is a LaTeX issue and (2) there are acceptable workarounds.

Is this helpful?

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This limitation, which is

This limitation, which is also present in version 5.5, is due to the fact that when the \b is added to the beginning of a character in LaTeX, it automatically typesets the charcter in an upright font.

A workaround is to toggle the a into text mode, tag it as italic, and apply the underline tag to it.